Smart Contract Audit

Smart contracts are at the core of blockchain technology. Ambisafe offers expert review of your smart contracts, ensuring the reliability of your project. Our solidity team will identify and fix any issues, and offer suggestions and improvements.

Ambisafe has helped protect over $80 Million by finding system vulnerabilities in over 100 companies, such as Github, Coinbase, Hacken, Binance, and more.

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What does an audit consist of?

Senior solidity developers will review each smart contract. This allows us to quickly double check all findings.

  • Provide detailed optimization and improvement recommendations.
  • Identify vulnerabilities, risks, and security issues in the smart contract.
  • Outline ways to reduce the cost of transactions.
  • Ensure your code follows the industry standards and the best practices.
What’s included into the audit?

Line by line code review by our smart contract development team.

  • Advice for fixing bugs.
  • Confirm compliance with relevant standards (e.g. ERC-20, ERC-712, etc.).
  • Reveal lines of code at risk of causing bugs and ​vulnerabilities.
  • Locate non-optimal usage of functions, libraries and methods.
  • Identify non-optimal architect solutions.
  • Provide a detailed explanation of our findings and discovered issues. We will include the severity and potential outcome of each issue.
  • Outline code style inconsistencies.

After audit completion, we will provide homework review. Your development team should address all issues and inconsistencies. We will provide an included follow up assessment up to 5 hours.


The code review makes no statements or warranties about the utility of the code, safety of the code, suitability of the business model, regulatory regime for the business model, or any other statements about fitness of the contracts to purpose, or their bug free status. The documentation provided by Ambisafe is for discussion purposes only. Let us help your business grow

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